The 2019 Miesville FiftySix 


The Miesville FiftySix is a gravel road ride through some of the most beautiful parts of Dakota county and just minutes southeast of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.  The route will consist of 56 radical miles Dakota County and the Cannon River Valley. Many gravel enthusiasts have told us that this is one of their favorite rides of the year. That’s a big deal.


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Not much will change for 2019. Some new updates, but nothing too dramatic.

The Miesville FiftySix is open to everyone and anyone who likes to ride bikes. We will be capping the event at 600 participants. The registration process will open on February 1st, 2019. Although postcards are cool, they are a lot of work, so we will be dialing it back and using a registration process through the Just Ride Mn site. With this we are adding a T-shirt option. You will be able to register for the free event by adding this to your cart and checking out at no charge utilizing your personal info (no CC) or adding a registration with a shirt option and paying for the shirt in your choice of size upfront. Stay tuned for links and shirt artwork.

Parking will be in the back lot of the Miesville Mudhens baseball stadium. Make sure you don’t park anywhere where it is roped off or states NO PARKING. Overflow parking is available at Neiburs as well. For the late comers, that will be your best bet.  We are very excited for the third annual Miesville FiftySix (PKA: Miesville Gravel Grinder).

The Dakota County Sheriffs Department will lead the ride out form the stadium. After a few announcements from AJ and Sean a squad car will lead all riders out for the first mile until you hit the gravel roads. Once all of the riders have left, we tear down the registration area and bring everything either to the finishing area or Kings. If you have left anything behind, that is where you will find it. You are responsible for your items.

Finishing Area–there is the gravel lot adjacent to the Co-op in town. As you head back into town from your 56 mile route this lot will be on your right and it comes up quickly off the paved road you are on at the moment. We would like you to slow down and head into the lot and take some time to regroup before heading back to your vehicles or to Kings Bar for the after party. The reason for stopping here is to keep from too much bike traffic heading toward what can be a very busy intersection at 61. Please be courteous of the ride and your surroundings. This is potentially a sketchy section. Take care and abide by the rules.

Kings Bar and Grill–this is the place to be after the ride. This is also where you will find your door prizes if you indeed win something. The burgers are amazing, the beverages are cold and the atmosphere is overly welcoming to all riders. Be patient, though, they will be busy and things will take some extra time. Grab a beer, order up some food and reminisce about your ride. Don’t forget to take care of the staff and be courteous.

The Miesville FiftySix  is a true labor of love, people, and bikes. If you appreciate that concept, please help us keep it free.

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Not riding but want to volunteer your time in the morning or early afternoon?  We would love to have you help out in any way to make the ride and the registration go a bit smoother!  Contact us: Miesvillefiftysix@gmail.com

What To Expect

We love the idea of simplicity.  Expectations make simple things very complex.  So what does one expect from an unsupported, free event?  The true spirit of cycling exists with an expectation that you have no expectations and live in the moment. The Miesville FiftySix is all about fun, challenge, community, respect, and of course…bikes.  As much as we appreciate racing, this is not a race; this is a ride to promote health, good times, and awesomeness. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or super gravel savvy…you’re invited.  No one is better than the other based on MPH or wattage. That’s boring.

Miesville is a small town of passionate people.  As a community they are embracing this ride 100%.  This is so great, and should make for many years of safe, fun, and flavorful gravel riding in the future.  Home of the Miesville Mudhens farm league baseball team and the famous King’s Bar & Grill…it is the perfect place to hold an event of this magnitude, and room to grow.  Our expectation is that we treat Miesville like our home away from home, even if just for the day. On your way out of town, wave to the locals while filling up your gas tank at the local filling station just down the street from the start.  Supporting Miesville means supporting the Miesville FiftySix.

Registration: We will open up registration on February 1st, 2019. We are utilizing justridemn.com this year to help keep it simple. Find the Miesville FiftySix registration tab at the top of this page. Go to the page, fill out the registration form with all pertinent information, and send it to us. Once we reach our 600 rider limit, registration will close.



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