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Marty Mathis and His Old School Charm

We have a friend named Marty Mathis. Marty is a good ole boy that has a cool story. That story demands your attention when he tells it. If you’re lucky enough to hear it, pay attention closely and take it all in. Marty is also a big supporter of the Miesville FiftySix and a sponsor…but first a friend.


Marty is a lucky guy, but luck isn’t the only thing that gets us where we are in our lives. He will tell you, though, that he is lucky…nonetheless. He talks about his upbringing, his beautiful and talented wife Judy and his 3 kids. And he genuinely loves all aspects of his life. And also has a good grasp on the fact that life, in and of itself, is not perfect.

We’ve known Marty for about 6 years now. We met through our mutual love for cycling. We’ve ridden around town together, we’ve ridden events together, and we’ve kept in touch over the years. You may not know Marty. You may not know that he can be found riding his trusty Surly Puglsey OPS (Puggzilla) in events and rides that he does. You may not know that he has a very good eye for fashion or that he owns a men’s clothing store in Minneapolis Minnesota and has been doing this for a good chuck of his life. The clothing store is called Marty Mathis Men’s Clothiers and the few times that I’ve been there I have felt right at home. Welcomed, comfortable, and very much at ease. It’s a throwback to the Rat Pack days, which, if you don’t know…were pretty cool times. Things were much simpler then, and Marty takes something simple like getting dressed and kicks it up a notch. Dressed for success. Look good feel good. Dapper. A word you don’t hear very often, but a word that Marty will utter often. Cause that’s the word that will be used when he is done getting you dressed for success,


I had the pleasure of meeting up with Marty at his shop on a spring Friday afternoon. We sat at the in shop bar with Jazz music playing in the background and Johnny Quest playing on the flatscreen TV. We caught up on this years Miesville FiftySix and reminisced about years passed. We talked about life and family. Friends in common and friends apart. We chatted about clothes, style, the importance of taking looking good seriously. We talked for over an hour straight without pause owning one another’s words and feeling passionate about our verve for life. Marty makes me smile and laugh. My time spent with him made me feel on top of the world.

Here is something that is very interesting about Marty. He has never had coffee. Mike Tyson says he has never had a cup of coffee. Marty says I will never be a boxer because, after measuring me for an outfit, my reach is too short (which got us on the subject of the short reach of Mike Tyson). Marty has a lovely wife and 3 kids whom he talks about with  a twinkle in his eye. With a proud heart. Like a barber, or a bartender, Marty can, and will, engage in a conversation about just about anything. He is smart, genuine, and so very friendly. If you go visit him in the Skyway downtown you will get treated like you matter because, to Marty, you do matter.


Here’s a quote from Marty that can be found on his website:

“I make a guy look great from the shoulders down. I can’t do anything about the rest… that’s between him and God.” –Marty Mathis

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