1. You are in charge of yourself.  100%! This is an unsupported ride
  2. You must register for the event.  You will be added to the list.  The list will be posted.
  3. Everyone must wear a helmet.
  4. Be prepared for anything. Weather. Mechanical issues. Hydration. Food.
  5. Keep the course clean.
  6. Be respectful and uphold all traffic laws.
  7. Communicate with other riders.
  8. Ride safely and use good judgement.
  9. Don’t be a Dusche (German for shower, English for something not like a shower).  
  10. Expect nothing; but if you need something, ask.


*We will have a printable waiver up soon. You will need to print this (along with your cue cards), read it, understand it and sign it before you show up on ride day morning. It’s simple and a necessity. Please help us keep the morning of the ride as smooth as possible by being ready with your waiver, cue cards, and your bike and gear ready to go.


AJ & Sean

This is meant to be fun and spirited.  Enjoy the course and the people.  Feel free to contact us with any questions:



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