As most of you know, the Miesville FiftySix is not a race. It is a ride that is meant to springboard your cycling season. Part of the fun of the ‘Just Ride’ idea is that there is no pressure to perform at a certain level. It’s a day to get a barometer of where you are mentally, physically…whether fitness wise or just in life.

chimney rock

To add to the fun we have integrated #projectchimneyrock. What is Chimney Rock you may ask…and why are you adding a project to our ride?! It’s simple actually, and last year was the first year of #projectchimneyrock. It was a party in the middle of the ride. Pickle juice shots, dill pickles, water, music and, of course, Chimney Rock.

Here’s the idea. At about mile 20 you will be coming up a hill on Joan Avenue to be exact. At the top of this hill you will find folks dismounting their bikes, running up some singletrack trail right off the gravel road, and heading up to a little spot that is home to Chimney Rock. Chimney Rock is a natural limestone pillar, about 30 feet tall and 10 feet wide at it’s base. Check out the story behind it HERE….

We are pretty lucky to have this piece of history right off our route, so we decided that we would utilize this treasure and offer riders a chance to relax and take it in. In doing so, you have a chance to win door prizes. And all you need to do is stop, head up to Chimney Rock, touch, kiss, lick or dry hump the pillar and you will receive a playing card. Keep that card safe, because each card has a chance to coincide with a door prize. You will have to bring your card back to the after party at King’s Bar to see if you have won something. This is totally a ‘stop and smell the roses’ type of situation. And by smelling (or licking) you could win prizes valued in the range of a couple handfuls of dollars all the way to a thousand bucks (or more). This is a great way to enjoy the ride, take a potty break, meet some riding buddies, and enjoy the comradery of the day.

Thanks goes out to all our sponsors (see sponsor page) and specifically Maple Grove Cycle for being the official Chimney Rock Sponsor.


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