Just Ride MN

Just Ride MN is the idea that whatever you ride, wherever you ride, however you ride…Just Ride. Beyond all the technology, numbers, figures, watts, speed and distance. If you want to ride your bike, just ride your bike. And make sure you’re enjoying it. Advocacy and Apparel…that is what Just Ride Minnesota is all about. Support local and check out some stories and cool, custom shirts, etc.

The guys over at Just Ride MN have put in a lot of effort bringing you sick designs for the gravel ride. The new logo, the custom t-shirt, the wonderful kit (storefront now closed) and much, much more. If you’re looking for cool threads, coffee mugs, trucker hats and stuff and other junk…you can find it at Just Ride MN’s site (link below). As they are just getting their feet wet, we want you to support this local duo as they continue to come up with cool designs on quality gear. Pay attention, we want small businesses like this to stick around and continue to support the cycling community.

Thanks guys