Course Maps, Elevation and Parking

Cue Cards


Click the above ‘Cue Cards’ for a link to, well, the printable Cue Cards.

The 4th annual Miesville FiftySix will take place on April 29th, 2018.  Stick with us as we fumble through some of the ornate details in making sure the ride is safe, embraced, and fun. The course consists of 56 beautiful miles stretched through Dakota County. The start will be at the Miesville Mudhens baseball field stadium finishing up just shy of county road 61 at a back parking lot of one of Miesvilles local businesses. The reason for the finish shy of the stadium is so we can keep riders safe from having to cross a potentially busy road to the finish. It will be a mass start with the first mile being on blacktop.  We will post printable cue card information with turn by turn directions once we nail down the course. Check out the course map and elevation chart below.  The ride covers a lot of ground but never really gets too far from home.

miesville 56





Registration is full for 2018. Last year we reached max capacity in just a short month, this year it took 5 days.  A list will updated and added to this blog-site under RIDERS. We will keep everyone updated on other changes as we move closer to the actual ride day. As of now we are looking at capping the ride at 600 participants.  Every rider is in charge of his/her own ride. A waiver was signed when you registered for the event.

We look forward to hearing from you, and we will keep you updated along the way!


AJ & Sean


7 thoughts on “Course Maps, Elevation and Parking

    1. It’s free!! Send us a cool postcard to the address listed on the blog and you’re in. Send it soon. We are filling up quickly.


    1. You can ride a mountain bike, fat bike, CX or gravel bike, road bike with 28’s would be the smallest I would go, but if muddy it will be a long day. So, to answer the question….yes, please do ride a MTB!


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